Ericka Wright

I have years of experience building web properties.

During that time I have touched on most major internet technologies and have a deep and wide knowledge of how to create compelling and successful digital experiences.


What I know

I know how to build websites. But not just from a technical standpoint. I understand the strategy behind them.

To build a successful digital experience, you need to answer the following questions:

  • What is your goal?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How will you measure success?

I can help you answer those questions and make your site successful.


Knowledge.Bio’s creators asked me for some advice: “If you had specific ideas about how to improve (in early stage of development), that would be a great start.” I did a quick, responsive, mockup using Bootstrap. Without a clear background on the project, I made some basic, logical changes such as grouping action items together, giving prominence to the primary actions through bright coloring, and coloring secondary action items in a non-saturated palette of black, white, and gray.

After (with data)

  • Illumina | Web Operations Manager
    Large biotech company
  • ArtMedia Group | Web Production Manager
    Boutique design agency
  • Greenest Host | Lead Designer
    Hosting and design agency
  • Nirvanix | Web Designer
    Cloud storage startup
HTML5 CSS3 jQuery JavaScript Bootstrap PHP .NET Scrum UX/UI Usability Testing Analytics Adobe Experience Manager WordPress Joomla Photoshop Illustrator Marketo
“Ericka awed myself and our internal customers with her cutting edge designs while maintaining our company’s brand.”
“She will go above and beyond to get a job done correctly and on time.”
  • UI responsive mockup
    Before | After (no data) | After (with data)
  • Parallax
    This one uses just CSS and is responsive